The Start of Time

The dream was sort of ridiculous. Yet it seemed somewhat within reach. Then I would think about it once more, and the ridiculous seemed to reign again. Then I confessed my ridiculous dream to my fiancé, and she thought I was just as ridiculous as I thought I was myself. You’re probably getting over the word ridiculous by now. I’ve used it a ridiculous amount of times for the last 5 sentences. Besides, what exactly is this ridiculous dream anyway?

I want to train with Rich Froning. Then once I’ve recuperated some hours later, I’d like to photograph him during a WOD. Maybe get some milkshakes or donuts after. Shoot some guns. Basically, just go chill with the guy and do guy stuff.

I said it. And now you can add one more tally to the ridiculous counter and join my fiancé and me.

Since we are on the topic, let’s begin to explain how I arrived at this ridiculous dream of mine.

I’m a Rich Froning fan, that goes without saying. But I am not a fan simply because he has been declared the Fittest Man on Earth over 4 consecutive years. I respect him as a man of God. He has used his platform in the Crossfit community to share the love of Christ with others. He is notoriously known for his faith in Christ.



Take a look at his Instagram account. To me, that looks  like a priority list. Christ is first, then his wife, and then his daughter. Then all the frills of being a staple in the Crossfit world come last. Rich Froning is a man that has his priorities set striaght. And that is someone I can respect.

I’ve began to find out that Rich Froning isn’t the only athlete in the fitness community that is a follower of Christ! His former roommate, Dan Bailey, is also very upfront about his faith in Christ. But the buck doesn’t stop there. The list of believers in the world of fitness starts with: 7 times Crossfit Games athlete Chris Spealler, So Cal Regionals athlete Andrea Ager, 2015 Crossfit Fittest Man of Earth Ben Smith, World Champion Powerlifter and Weightlifter Coach Travis Mash, US Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris, Barbell Shrugged host Mike McElroy. This small list only includes the people I know of who call Christ their Savior.

As I began to realize how many well know athletes in the functional fitness community openly share their faith with the world, my idea began to grow. Not only could I meet and hang out with Rich Froning, I could sit down to have a conversation about faith and fitness with him! But why stop there? Why not try to pursue all those athletes I know of and then be pointed to others who share in my love for Christ and Crossfit?

So now, the dream is refined. I want to not only meet, train with, and photograph Rich Froning. I want to meet as many functional fitness athletes as I can and talk about their life with Christ. I want to bring together the community of believers within the Crossfit community.

Lets see where God takes this and how He will use it. Pray with me. And if you know of any other athletes who have a passion for fitness and Jesus, send them my way!




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