Featured Athlete: Rich Froning

Declared the Fittest Man in History after his fourth consecutive win of the Crossfit Games. It is very easy to limit Froning to merely an athlete. Once you begin to dig a littler deeper (and by deeper, I mean finding his Instagram page), you discover that his career as an athlete is on the last of his priorities. He is first and foremost, a servant of Christ. Next, he is a husband, then a father. The last thing to fall in line on his Instagram bio is the list of sponsors.

It is that list of priorities that makes him my favorite Crossfitter. He is a man of God who is very open about his faith and holds nothing back when it comes to the gospel. When it comes to someone in the spotlight that claims to love Jesus, he is the real deal.

I really gained a lot of respect for Froning after watching the documentary that followed his four year streak as Crossfit Games champ. In ‘Froning‘, he tells of the turning point in his career when God got his attention. Without giving too much away, Rich was reminded that his identity was in Christ, and that was the legacy he wanted to leave behind. You can also read about this time of his life in ‘First: What it Takes to Win‘. I’ve both read and watched his story, and have found inspiration in from each. I suggest you do the same.

Rich Froning was the first of the elite level Crossfit athletes that I’ve found to be followers of Christ. If you are looking for someone who does what you love and loves Who you love, then I suggest finding Rich on the following platforms:

Instagram: @Richfroning

Twitter: @Richfroning

Snapchat: richfroning



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