The Future…

Time Under Tension is young, so this might be premature. But excitement and caffeine are outweighing the age of this venture. 

If you know a little about the start of Time Under Tension, you’ll know it wasn’t born out of the desire to start a blog. This is only the beginning of where God can take it. With a lot of prayer and hard work, this can help a lot of people grow! Look at the bullet points below. That is only what has been dreamt up at the start. Who knows what it could evolve into?

  • Audio and video interviews with Crossfit influencers. These will range from box owners, community contributors, and (with God’s aid) elite level athletes.
  • Devotionals and workouts written and designed by interview guests
  • Fitness competitions to help organizations and missionaries that share a similar mission with Time Under Tension
  • A book of the devotions shared by Time Under Tension, it’s guests, and contributors

These dreams are big. And that is an understatement. This can’t be done without you. Please pray on our behalf that God would already be setting into motion the relationships, meetings, and hearts that would assist in growing this beyond what is imagined. 

We hope you find yourself excited by what the future holds for Time Under Tension. Should your excitement boil over into action, we want you to come alongside us in a more tangible way. You can reach out through the Contact page and let’s talk about how we can use what God’s gifted you to do to further His kingdom and this vision. 


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