WOD #2

This week is a bit different from last week’s DOW. We talked about weaknesses and facing them head on. We all, for different reasons, have different weaknesses. You might be 5′ tall and find rowing to be more of a challenge for yourself. You might be 6′ tall and have a hard time with a lot of the gymnastic movements. You might be somewhere in between and just need to simply work on running. Whatever it is that you may need extra work on, get after it! Below are the seven steps to addressing your goats that we talked about last week:

  1. Take an honest inventory. Assess where you are, and map out where you want to be. 
  2. Admit to yourself and others these weaknesses exist in your life. 
  3. Ask someone who is more seasoned to help you grow in the weak areas of your life.
  4. Be consistently diligent with tackling these weakness daily.
  5. Go easy on yourself. We are our own worst critics. There is progress, even in the failure.
  6. Celebrate the highlights and share the downfalls with someone you trust, whether they’re a peer or a mentor. 
  7. And above all else, in both areas, prayerfully seek God to be all you need when you are weak. 

While addressing and attacking your weaknesses is a good thing, you won’t be as successful unless your bring someone alongside you. Following the seven steps above is the workout. 

Remember to talk to your coach, or another athlete who is on a level you’d like to reach. Ask them to help you, guide you, and keep you accountable. 

Share with us what you’ll be attacking and make a point to work on it, at the very least, every time you step into the gym this week. If you need programming suggestions on how to start making progress toward your goals, let us know! We’d love to offer some advice!


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