Bring All That You’ve Got

One of His disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to Him, “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are these for so many people?” john six:eight-nine

There are some days that the stars align so perfectly, it’s as if your coach had you in mind as he programmed the WOD. You got a full 9 hours of sleep the night before. You prepped just the right meals for the day. There wasn’t a spot of traffic after work and find yourself at the box ten minutes early to get some extra mobility done. You are basically unstoppable. 3..2..1.. GO! And before you know it, you’ve slain the work out of the day. A little badge pops up next to your name on Wodify after you’ve completed the days lift. And to top it all off, you got your protein shake done before that window of gains was closed. It’s safe to say, you can chalk this up as a win for you!

But then, there are the other days. You know those days. The days that just don’t seem to move or come to an end. The pressure of work was too much today. You could barely sleep just thinking about it. You woke up in a funk. You scramble to get out the door. In the haste, you left your perfectly portioned lunch in the fridge. The train conductor must’ve had it out for you  because he brought the long, slow train today. You rush into the box 3 minutes late, missing that valuable time to stretch. You yawn through the warm up. Your plan to crush some PR’s was foiled as you came nowhere near last month’s big 1RM. And let’s not begin to mention how you couldn’t get the engine to turn over during that deceivingly difficult MetCon. It’s like coach had you in mind when he programmed. It seems like he wanted you to work on every weakness you have, all while being fatigued.

If you were to ask any one in the Crossfit community, they would absolutely take the first day described. Where’s the value in the second one anyways? You felt miserable. You hardly had anything to give. The very little you brought was barely even there. What good did that even do for you?

As in Crossfit, we as Christians have those days in our walks with Christ. We have days that we can’t be stopped. You’ve been in the Word everyday for more weeks than you can count. You’re hearing God guide you at every turn. Every thing you do is coupled with the peace that passes all understanding. Your zeal is infectious and others around you are being drawn to Christ.To put it simply, you’re on fire!

The other side of the coin is one, I think, we are all familiar with. You are worn out. You feel defeated. You begin to wonder if God even hears your cries for desperation. You open the Word to only find ink on pages, though you know God has spoken very clearly in those same pages. It’s getting hard to even try. You doubt whether or not the effort is making a difference at all.

The days where we don’t want to, but we do, are the days that cause the most growth. The days that you can only bring a few ounces of effort are the days when you those ounces can actually lead to gallons. Especially when it comes to your walk with Christ.

Take, for example, this little boy with the five loaves and the two fish. When you compare the need at hand versus what he had to offer, there is very clearly an imbalance. I’m sure that not only did that little boy, but also disciples and all those who were in earshot doubted that anything  would come from what was presented. But that is just the nature of God. He takes the very little that we can offer to Him, and He multiples it! Not only will He multiply it, He will often take it beyond what we would’ve ever expected! It requires you to take what you have, humbly present it to our Savior, and allow Him to do the rest.

Can you imagine what would happen if you took what others may regard as nothing and place it in the hands of Jesus? This may be a bold statement, but I doubt you can. That’s what happened to the little boy and his snack. Jesus took what appeared to be of little use, and fed over five thousand people with it. What will Jesus do with the little you have to offer to Him? Do you know the only way to find out what He will do?

Do it. Then watch and see.


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