The Story of ‘Four’

“My brethren, if any among you strays from the truth and one turns him, let him know that he who turns a sinner from his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.”    james five:nineteen

As you may or may not know, there are standards in Crossfit. These standards ensures that the measure of performance for each athlete is correctly executed. There are different expectations for different people, but if you don’t have any limitations in your body, you are held to the prescribed standards. Some of these standards include breaking parallel on your squats, tossing the wall ball above a certain height, or touching your chest to the floor for push ups. Ensuring you meet these standards each and every time is important for your physical wellness yes, but it is even more important for something less tangible. A lot is said about your integrity when it comes to keeping to the standards. One athlete at Crossfit Kindle named Lucy once challenged me with the following statement: your integrity is more important than the clock. This was after I had met the time cap for a Metcon, but didn’t finish the reps. Lucy and another athlete named Riccardo cheered me through to the end, making sure that I strengthened a more important quality than my endurance in wall ball tossing. They made it their personal responsibility to make sure that I was a better person than when I walked into the box.

Fast forward a few weeks and we find ourselves taking a look at a partner WOD. It was a Saturday morning WOD that looked a little like this.

5 Rounds for Time of:

25 KB Swings @ 53#

30 Double Unders

400m Run Together

30 One DB Thrusters @ 40#

25 Burpees

I was partnered with an individual who we shall call ‘4’ for the time being. (it will make sense in a moment.) We talked strategy before the WOD. Since I have double unders dialed in a little more efficiently than my partner, we determined I would handle those, and he would carry more reps in other places. 3..2..1.. and we were off! I did the first round’s double unders and felt good about it. The following rounds, I had to break up the sets. I figured it would be beneficial for my partner to get some work on this skill while fatigued, so I passed him the rope. There were a remaining 5 reps to go for that round’s dubs. He nailed 4 unbroken with no problem and tossed the rope while saying, “Close enough.” I figured let’s just keep moving and not argue about it. Then two steps later we hear, “4! Get back and finish the last rep!” Coach had caught 4 in shorting the fifth, and last rep of dubs. My stomach sank as I realized that not only was he busted, but I was too. I had allowed him to cheat himself, not only in the work out, but his integrity. I should have been the one to call him out, stop him, and make sure he did what was set out for him. I allowed him to cut the corner, and I was partly responsible for it.

Think about the people around you. The ones that God has allowed you to experience life with. You are not directly in control of their actions, nor are you their mother. However, there may come a day when you are a witness to them living below what God has called them to. It will be in this moment, that you are partially responsible for what happens next. You can either sit back, like I did, and allow them to fall short of what they are called to do. Or you can intervene and help see to it that they are staying the course to becoming more like Christ. Either way, you will be held accountable for what you do as a brother or sister to those around. Be like Lucy and Riccardo, see to it that those around you are better because they are around you. Don’t be like me and let someone compromise their integrity while you standby silent.


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