The Perfect Storm Will Never Come

The perfect situation does not exist. We wait for days, months, even years waiting for the stars to align just right. Things may even fall into place, but we still manage to doubt that they are as good as they can get. So we wait more. We wait for a scenario that will never come. That leaves us right where we don’t want to be, at the start. 
Since the perfect situation won’t come on it’s own. We can eagerly scan the horizon and end up finding ourselves disappointed. So instead of remaining stagnant. Do the opposite. Get started. Today. Right now. Start it. Whatever your ‘it’ is. Start it. Taking the next step in your relationship. Getting out on your own. Expressing yourself through whatever avenue you find yourself gifted in. Take your pick but don’t delay any longer. If you take what you have today, you’ll be surprised by what you can do. 
It reminds me of David when he faced Goliath. David wasn’t a seasoned war veteran. He wasn’t even a soldier. He was a shepherd boy. He was the runt of the litter amongst his brothers. In fact, he only showed up to the battlefield to be the hospitality manager. He had cheese and grain. Talk about being ill-prepared. David didn’t wait for the situation to be ideal. In fact, the ideal situation didn’t work out for him. Saul tried to hook David up with armor and a sword, but it only weighed David down. So what did David take out to battle when he faced the 6 foot Philistine menace. He took a sling and rocks. He knew that he could take what he had and still come out on top. David knew that he would be better off. He knew that sling. He was a master of it. He took what he knew into an unknowable situation. Be like David. Take what you know into an unknown situation, then get after it. We know what happened after David stepped out. 

What giant you will dominate after you take what you’ve got, and just start?


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