Pressing On

“Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.”philippians three:twelve 

Crossfit has a special skill. Many skills lie with its repertoire, however, one stands out amongst the rest as we’ve closed out this 2017 Crossfit Open. Crossfit does a great job of exposing your weaknesses. You may be on a streak of dominating each weekly work out, then BAM!! Here come the one thing you dreaded. Whether it be bar muscle ups, double unders, handstand push-ups, or just the prescribed weight, you spent your days praying to God that Castro wouldn’t mix that in to this year’s Open. But he did. And you stared hopeful at the bar as the seconds climbed. 

What you do next is all on you. You can lock eyes with the enemy that is your weakness and simply cower. Or you can push forward and give it all you’ve got. Regardless of success, or lack there of, I hope you decided the latter. 

I can safely assume that you are now looking to the 2018 Open with a few things to work on over the next year. You are going to do what you can to make sure that what was once a weakness will soon be added to your wheelhouse. Your days at the box will include extra hours working on numerous drills adding up to countless reps. Day by day, you will find yourself one step closer to where you hope to be. 

But not everyday goes to plan. There are days when you seem to have forgotten all that you’ve worked on. These days are inevitable. These days are difficult. But these days don’t call for quitting. These days call for grinding. They require a little extra grit and focus to overcome that challenge. These days call for help. You have a great community around you to celebrate the wins and encourage you through the failures. You have a coach who cares about your success. Confide in them about your frustrations. They’ve probably already been there, done that, and come out on the other side. Allow them to share their experience and guide you where you need to go. 

Our walk with Christ is just the same. We live our life with Him feeling like we can’t be stopped. We feel we are so close and right where He wants us to be. Then one day, we get hit with it. It was there all along but God has shown us where it’s been. Our weakness. Whether newly acquainted or an old familiar face, He will show us an area of our life that we need to work on. So the drills begin. We work to strengthen that area of lives so we are no longer vulnerable there. 

But like our time in the gym, we find ourselves failing. We wonder what happened to that spiritual streak we were on. Those are the days we do only what we can do; we sit at the cross and lean on Him who is our source of strength. Jesus is well aware of our weakness, well before we were even born. He calls to us to lay our weakness down and let Him take them to the cross at Calvary. Jesus is there to guide us through these challenges. He has given us the gift of people around us to pray for us, instruct us, teach us, and support us. So much has been given to us so we can see victory in our weaknesses. 

You have all that you need, whether in the gym or in your life with Christ, in order to see the progress you desire. Now it your time to take hold of it and move forward. It’s not about perfection, but progression. 

So you ready? Let’s go!


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