Why Time Under Tension?

Time Under Tension was birthed out of a passion for Crossfit and a love for Jesus. The spark was lit when it was noticed that there are more than a handful of athletes and coaches in the functional fitness space that follow after Christ. The desire to find out who loved Jesus and Crossfit led down the path to create something bigger than a list of athletes. What started out as a simple list evolved into a place that seeks to motivate other Christian Crossfit fans and athletes to grow both in their pursuit of fitness and faith.

So you may ask, “Why Time Under Tension?”

It is as simple as this. What causes growth in muscle? Obviously, more time under tension supports physical growth. How does God get us to grow? He puts us through trials, the refiner’s fire, prunes us. He causes tension in our spiritual lives so that we may grow spiritually. Time Under Tension has set out to show how those two worlds share so much in common, and what we can learn when examining the two closely together.


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